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Introducing the TLK IDM Mobile app!!! This app available on Android, Apple and Windows Phone uses Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 to provide self-service password reset to the user and IT Administrator.

If the user forgets their password or their account is locked out, they just go to the TLK IDM Mobile app, login to the portal, answer some questions which they selected when they registered their password and then they are offered the chance to unlock their account or reset their password.

The app also offer IT administrators the chance to reset or unlock a user's account when they are not near a laptop or PC. So if an IT Administrator is at lunch and gets a call from their Director, my account is locked out, I need it unlocked now! Bang!! Just open TLK IDM Mobile and unlock the account.


TLK IDM Mobile Volume Licensing Information

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Demos are not allowed in Apple Store. Contact Us to get the Apple Demo installed on your phone.


The Demo app download allows for full functionality and ability to interact with the service offering via TLK FIM Demo environment.

Use the following ID information for testing the Password self service (SSPR)

User : DemoUser

Domain : TLKEnterprise

At the initial SSPR screen enter “TLKEnterprise\DemoUser”

Password : Password1

The answers to the 3 questions on the Password self-service screen are...
Childhood best friend: orange,
Paternal GrandFather name: peach,
mother’s maiden name: mango

Use the following ID information for testing the Admin Tool

User : DemoAdmin

Domain : TLKEnterprise

Password : Password1

The Admin account has Admin access only to the DemoUser account. In the search screen, search for “DemoUser” to do a successful operation. To test a denial search for “Tom Brown1”

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